Michael J. Martin

Master gardener, greenkeeper, garden consultant

The boss – with definite green fingers ... and anything but ordinary.

Personal passion(s): The fascination and constant interaction between the four seasons. Respecting nature and learning from it. Being outside – as that means being free. Giving people back that feeling for nature in their everyday and urban lives.

Thomas Buchholz

Master gardener 

The one who found his calling later on.

Personal passion: Working with everything green. Plants and their care – especially roses.

Franz Brandhofer

Landscape gardener, skilled worker,
state certified agriculturalist

The conscientious one.

Personal passion: Working outdoors in nature. In his own words: “Bleamal und Baam eigrobn, Schdaun schnein, Gras maan … ois hoit.”
(translation: all work involving vegetation)

Verena C. Martin

Office, accounting

The precious gem of the inventory.

Personal passion: Even when I was younger, my great passion, besides dancing, was various outdoor activities, and many continue to be so. However, today I tend to juggle more with numbers and help to make sure that everything at Gartenbau Martin stays ‘in the green zone’.

Kerstin Reher

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), freelance landscape architect  

The creative cool head with a heart.

Personal passion: The outdoors! Where life blossoms! Where there is space for movement, adventure, enjoyment of life, relaxation, tranquillity, change, new things, and space for greenery. Designing and enjoying the outdoors!

Your garden.
Our passion.